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SCG Smartblock

SCG Smartblock for both interior and exterior wall / load-bearing wall and non-load bearing wall. Keep your house cool safe and strong.

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Spesification Product

Dimension:20x60x7,5 cm
Other Information :

- Reduce Heat transfer 10 times better than ordinary concrete thus save electric bill up to 30%.

- Supeior accoustical application helps prevent the noise from outside.

- Resist fire 2 - 4 times longer than solid clay bricks.

- It can absorb stress and strain during earthquake very well.

- Lighter weight than clay bricks 2 - 3 times and normal concrete 4 - 5 times without losing strength, hence reduce foundation mass and construction costs.

- Provide to shorter construction time.

- Easy workability and reduce 50% installation time.

- The precise dimension reduces onsite trimming and the use of premixed mortar results in cleaner site condition.