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Hal-hal yang perlu diperhatikan saat Anda ingin membangun rumah:

  1. Plan your finances & your budget properly so that it does not exceed the budget
  2. Determine what kind of house plan you want as a basis for building a house Look for building workers carefully, maybe you can ask for recommendations from the closest people or relatives
  3. Prepare building materials budget & quality. The following basic building materials are important in building a house:
    • Cement or concrete for construction of foundations and building structures
    • Lightweight bricks for building walls
    • Mortar for adhesives and plastering of bricks light weight
    • Pipes for building plumbing
    • Tiles for roofing
    • Ceramics for flooring

In choosing building materials other than affordable prices, the quality and safety of raw materials need to be your considerations when buying building raw materials. Here are the steps for choosing the right building materials:

  1. Calculate & measure building needs, calculate in detail & specifically the needs of building materials according to your home specifications.
  2. Research the price of building materials, you can do research with some of your closest building shops or you can also do online research to get promos.
  3. Choose the right building store, you can choose a building store, an official distributor of building materials or choose an official online store in several market places to get safe & quality products.
  4. Pay attention to the durability of building materials, make sure the storage area for building materials is dry & not damp so that it helps the durability of the product.
  5. Purchases in large & small quantities, pay more attention to which products can be a lot at once due to shipping costs such as sand or which can be purchased in advance such as paint or ceramics which can be determined from the area. SCG CBM provides building raw materials with the best quality and affordable prices by clicking the following link www……. Related topics: links

Material as a quality determination and whether or not a building is sturdy, one of which is cement. The first step that you can do is packaging that is sealed and tightly closed and has the SNI logo. Then do some tests to see if the cement clumps? Press the cement with your finger. Clumping cement can be caused by poor store storage. If this is the case, you can sift it before use.

SCG CBM Indonesia menyediakan produk Semen berkualitas dengan daya rekat yang lebih kuat, lebih mudah diapSCG CBM Indonesia provides quality Cement products with stronger adhesion, easier application, smoother & stronger and the right setting time.

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Many things determine the quality of cement, visit the link below for more information about the quality of a cement

The proper ways to use cement are mostly affected when doing the cement mixing process which can affect the quality of the cement mixture. The cement storage method also needs to be considered to maintain the quality of cement, namely in a dry and moisture-free area.

Concrete is a raw material used as a building foundation or it can also be used as a building floor. Instant concrete can be the right choice to strengthen the foundation of your house. The use of concrete on the floor has several advantages such as easy maintenance, durability, application of more styles to match the creation of your residential style, and the ease of working on concrete floors.

Concrete can actually be made by yourself with a mixture of gravel, sand, cement, and water, but SCG has Instant Concrete with enough usage added with water so it is more practical & saves time in the process.

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With a more precise size & lighter weight can save time & cost for efficiency in house construction work.

You can get quality smartblock at official distributor building stores by looking at the SNI logo and building material storage areas. smartblock has a more precise size so that you can estimate the need for light brick for home construction based on the area of your building.
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Mortar is an instant cement made of cement, silica sand, filler material, and additives and is used to bond smartblock and masonry plasters to prevent hair cracking on walls.

The choice of mortar can be seen with the formula with the best quality materials and the ease of using mortar for house construction work. SCG CBM Indonesia provides Lightweight Brick Adhesive Mortar and Masonry & Plastered Mortar for bonding lightweight bricks and smoothing and strengthening wall results. View the product now

Pipes are important building material for drains & sewers in your home. SCG CBM Indonesia provides pipes that are more varied and with thinner but stronger materials. View the product now