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Shinkolite Heat Cut

Shinkolite Heat Cut transparent acrylic roof has the specialty of heat protection with a beautiful and long-lasting appearance. Suitable for rooms that require transparent and comfortable accents.

The color available is Modern Grey. This color provides a modern look, giving a comfortable feeling to the room with special protection features from the sun's radiant heat. Can reduce heat from sunlight by up to 5° Celsius. Heat Cut is able to reduce heat by up to 48 – 59%.

Spesification Product

Thick:6 mm
Other Information :

• Modern gray color.

• Light filtration and reduces heat by 5° C.

• Radiation protection up to 75%.

• Modern, beautiful, elegant, suitable for various home models or concepts.

• Lightweight, its weight does not affect the structure.

• Lighter than glass material.

• Guarantee of product durability up to 10 years.

• Protects from mold, water, moss or noise during heavy rain.

• Shinkolite acrylic is safe and will not break into sharp shards or shards.

• Flexible and easy to shape and can be cut according to the design you want.

• Can withstand stronger impacts compared to glass material of the same thickness.